Christoph Johann

My name is Christoph (@johann_photography). I’m 23 years old. I am a trained cameraman and editor from Munich. During my education I found out that professional photography, videography and social media marketing are my main fields of work. Different projects led myself towards my profession and passion. Since 2015 I am an adventure and sports photographer. Most of my photo shootings take place in alpine environment. I love backcountry snowboarding, splitboarding and mountaineering. Chasing snowstorms and hunting the best light on the planet turned out to be my lifetime obsession. Only motivation and friends can drive me further. Every photo shows the strong impact of them. My artistic approach is minimalist and clean. I prefer cold desaturated blue tones and the contrast of the golden glow. Shadows and back lighting are my personal key to get the epic shots. Finally it’s all about emotion, motion and people.

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