Kristo Vedenoja

Kristo Vedenoja (@kristovedenoja) is a Helsinki based photographer. Kristo is at home in the city and enjoys exploring it with his camera and photographing places and subjects overlooked by many others.

Symmetry, straight lines, different textures and little details are important aspects for Kristo. In his photography Kristo pays special attention to shapes and colours and the combination of two creates powerful images that will catch the viewer’s eye!

Sami Laitinen

I’m self-taught photographer and filmmaker from Helsinki, Finland. What drives me in photography is that I can show the world, as I see it. I always try to seek places and things to photograph outside the beaten path since from there starts the real adventure. Every time when I’m out taking pictures, the feel that I’m doing what I love, fills me up and makes me to seek more and more about this planet.

No wonder, that traveling was and still is a big inspiration for me to take pictures and make videos. With my pictures, I want to courage people to travel more and take a look of their surroundings since this blue marble we live in is such a beautiful place.

Christoph Johann

My name is Christoph (@johann_photography). I’m 23 years old. I am a trained cameraman and editor from Munich. During my education I found out that professional photography, videography and social media marketing are my main fields of work. Different projects led myself towards my profession and passion.

Since 2015 I am an adventure and sports photographer. Most of my photo shootings take place in alpine environment. I love backcountry snowboarding, splitboarding and mountaineering. Chasing snowstorms and hunting the best light on the planet turned out to be my lifetime obsession. Only motivation and friends can drive me further. Every photo shows the strong impact of them. My artistic approach is minimalist and clean. I prefer cold desaturated blue tones and the contrast of the golden glow. Shadows and back lighting are my personal key to get the epic shots. Finally it’s all about emotion, motion and people.

Valentino Valkaj

Valentino Valkaj (@valentinovalkaj) is a landscape photographer based in Turku, Finland. For the last few years he has been guiding photo tours to arctic locations with Reza Kalfane, his business partner and a friend. He is a self-taught photographer who’s journey started 8 years ago when he bought his first DSLR.

Over the years his work has been published in several international magazines, news papers and publications. Valentino finds his inspiration in nature and often he ventures out to explore it.

Annamari Huttunen

Annamari Huttunen (@annamaryee) is a Berlin based self-taught painter from Helsinki, Finland. She has been drawing since a child and discovered the love for painting with acrylic and oil in her teenage years.

Her passion for fashion and the surrounding industry is reflected in all of her pieces and stems from time spent in the fashion metropolis Paris.

Damon Beckford

Hello there, my name is Damon Beckford (@damonbeckford). I’m a 24 year old award winning travel photographer from Finland. The last few years I’ve been solo-traveling around the world seeking for epic adventures, new experiences and photographing all the beautiful, unique places on the way.

I love to tell stories with my photographs and by doing so, I hope to inspire people not only to travel, but also to help them understand how unique and delicate our planet is.

Tal Paz-Fridman

Tal Paz-Fridman is 45 years old, married, with three children (two girls and a boy) and one dog (sometimes more). He is from Israel but also a Canadian.

Tal specializes in Creative-Documentary photography. To paraphrase the description of the great American photographer, Sam Abell, Tal’s style of photography is documentary in the sense that he records the world, however, it has transcendent qualities, starting at the documentary yet open to interpretation on an aesthetic level.

Tal is inspired by the natural world and especially by the seas and oceans.

Ossi Saarinen

Ossi Saarinen (@soosseli) is a 21-year-old photographer based in Finland. In his photos he shows the cuteness of wild animals. As he is in love with wild animals and photographing, Ossi has combined both loves perfectly by his photos. He specialises in capturing cute wild animals in their most adorable moments. When audiences see his photos, awe feeling comes just from the first look.

Apart from his advanced skills in photographing and editing, his love for nature is undeniably shown in every photo. He has travelled here and there in Finland to take opportunities of seeing and capturing beautiful animals. In addition, Ossi is also talented in taking breathtaking landscape photos. He has inspired many young people to grab a camera and chase the beauty of nature.

Riku Norakari

Riku Norakari (@rikunorakari) is a 22-year old Finland based self-taught photographer. He finds nature a relaxing and healing place and loves spending time there. Through his photos he shares the feelings he experiences in the nature and wants to inspire people to spend more time outdoors and explore more the world.

He captures the unique atmospheric moments with his camera and shows them through his imagination and emotions. Riku loves to challenge himself to try new things and is open minded to different styles in photography.

Sebastian Drews

Sebastian Drews (@sdxfotografie) loves cold waters. You will normally find him taking pictures with freezing temperatures in Iceland, Denmark or France during winter time. He’ll be happy and stoked in the water when there are waves.

But also outside of the water, Sebastian is constantly seeking for natural compositions, dimensions and light– he wants to show people that there’s another world out there than pictures of food and selfies.

Sebastian Drews is also giving workshops and has exhibited his art for several years during the surf & skate festivals in Germany.

Anna-Elina Lahti

Anna-Elina (@annisellis) is a Finnish landscape photographer focussing on eye-catching scenes and outdoor adventures. Having grown up surrounded by untouched wilderness, she has an inbuilt love of nature, in all its simplicity and rawness.

Through her urge to share these fleeting moments in the wild with others, she captures a unique atmosphere in her images and strives to inspire you to step outside and find that peaceful haven in nature.

Leo Domingos

Leo Domingos (@leodomingox) is a 23 years old photographer, adventurer and filmmaker. Living at the moment in Nazaré – Portugal, but destined to see the world with his own eyes.

Leo has always been involved in arts, but after he was hospitalized and fighting for survival he decided to change his life and start giving photography a more serious approach. As a self-taught artist he uses his connections with nature to show his artistic expression to the world.

Roman Königshofer

Roman Königshofer (@rawmeyn) is a professional photographer, filmmaker and outdoor enthusiast from Austria. His passion for natural light, offshore winds,deep powder and tall peaks drives him to look for stories to tell.

Roman lives and breathes what he shoots. He seeks to connect the viewer to his journey. And truly, his photographs inspire us all to conquer the highest mountains and hike through the paths less travelled.

Sami Lensu

Sami (@samilensu) is a Finnish photographer whose endless curiosity takes him around the world chasing diverse cultural narratives and capturing natural transformations.

For Sami the ocean plays an endless source of energy and inspiration. Out in the open water is where he feels at peace, at home. This feeling is well captivated in his visuals; there is a large negative space around the objects, giving them a sense of tranquility.

Teppo Tirkkonen

Teppo Tirkkonen (@teppotirkkonen) is an awe-inspiring landscape and outdoor photographer from Finland. He has an uncanny ability
to capture light and color in his beloved arctic habitat.

To view Teppo’s work is like traveling to a fantasy world. Through his adventures we have has an access to
some of the most remote locations in the world that are in danger to disappear.