What does Avanto mean?

Avanto is a Finnish word for “a hole in the ice” – a familiar concept for every native Finn and for anyone who has truly experienced a proper Scandinavian winter. Avanto is the way Finnish fishermen have caught their winter food from the lakes and the sea for thousands of years. It is also a place which people in the Nordic countries use for swimming during the winter. Yes, we really do that. We guess that’s partly why we are considered both crazy and creative.

For us as a company, Avanto Prints is a way to transform something digital to concrete, unique real-life objects. In our case, this means amazing photographs, images and visual art from all over the world – by anyone, for everyone.

What we do?

Avanto Prints creates long-lasting, beautiful wooden prints from digital images. All our prints are ​made from responsibly-sourced Finnish wood and printed in Helsinki, Finland. Our prints are printed with UV-stable inks that will keep​ your art beautiful and stable for years to come.

Wood is never the same, so every print we produce is unique due to the ever-changing patterns in the wood. Even if you print the same photo twice with same settings, it will come out differently. Hence, every single Avanto Print is truly one of its kind. The Avanto Prints concept is truly new and novel, and furthermore all our prints are unique. You won’t be able to buy the same image from elsewhere.

As an addition to the wooden prints we also provide traditional high-quality paper prints and framed paper prints.

Who we are?

Avanto Prints was founded in 2017 by three friends – photographers, digital nerds, nomads and entrepreneurs – who hail from the cold and harsh but beautiful and inspiring country of Finland. We share a passion for art, detail and all things beautiful.

Avanto Prints has a mission to bring digital art into life in a unique and sustainable way. We provide a way for people to easily buy premium works of art at a decent price from some of the best photographers in the world today.
We are also an effortless way for artists and photographers to bring their beautiful images to people’s homes across the globe – and receive proper compensation in the process.

Our Values


We are environmentally conscious. Our wooden prints are ​made from responsibly-sourced Finnish wood and printed in Helsinki, Finland. They are long-lasting and of the highest quality, keeping​ the art beautiful and stable for years to come. Hailing from Scandinavia and Finland, we also have a strong connection with nature, which is something we want to respect in all our operations and therefore demand it from all of our partners.

Artist is the king

Our artists are the kings and queens. Without them we would not exist. We honour the collaboration between us and our artists, and want to provide them with the compensation they deserve.

Why Avanto?

In today’s world, too many amazing pictures end up only on people’s phones, laptops and Instagram feeds. As a result these pictures will never be properly displayed in the way they truly deserve.
Pictures and photographs are meant to inspire and enhance feelings. We believe that memorable images deserve to be a long-lasting part of people’s everyday lives, giving energy, inspiration and great memories.