Avanto starts to support The Ocean Clean Up Project!

Everyone who has visited beaches has seen it. Surfers and people living next to the Ocean see it clearly when the big waves arrive, you start to see all kind of different objects drifting to the shore with the Ocean currents and swell. A lot of this is plastics. Actually so much that it’s estimated that over 8 million tons of plastic waste gets dumped into Oceans every year and over 90% of seabirds have plastics pieces in their stomach.

over 90% of seabirds have plastics pieces in their stomach

It’s not only affecting marine animals but us, humans too. Fish eat plastics we humans eat fish so this plastic ends up in our body too. Several studies have shown these might cause cancer and other diseases. There are also social issues affecting heavily the small communities living on the small islands or near the seaside. These communities get marine debris trashed into their backyards. These communities don’t have the infrastructure or financial assets to deal with all this waste coming from the ocean so it ends up just piling on up next to their homes. Noone wants to live with trash on their backyard.

There are also social issues affecting heavily the small communities living on the small islands or near the seaside.

Ocean currents and the patterns how ocean moves are the same from year to year and because of that marine debris tends to end up in the same place once in the open Ocean. This is why there are different Ocean garbage patches around the world. The biggest being the North Pacific Gyre, known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, occupies a relatively stationary area that is twice the size of Texas. It is actually so big that you can see it on Google Earth.

The project that all started with an 18-year old kid named Boyan Slant had a simple and energy neutral idea.  Now years later and the team full of engineers The Ocean Cleanup is developing a passive system, using the ocean currents as it’s driving force to catch and concentrate the plastic. It is the largest cleanup in the history and it could clean up 50% of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, just in 5 years. This year is the big year as the project is scheduled to launch the first big scale operation at the North Pacific Ocean. We want to give back to the earth and are looking new projects Avanto could support 2018 to preserve our beloved fragile planet.


Avanto wants to be part of the solution and that’s why we have chosen to support the Ocean Clean Up Project. In Avanto we want to make sure that each print sold creates value for better. We want to prevent the situation where the good intentions of donation gets lost in the company bureaucracy. So right after we have paid to our artists, we donate 10% of each print-product income to Ocean Cleanup-project. If you are not in the need of Avanto Print (we wonder who wouldn’t want one?), we still highly recommend you to create some common good and help to fund the Ocean Cleanup-project through their website.


Let’s keep it clean so we can enjoy these views in the future too!

Best Regards,

Avanto Team,

Unto, Sami and Lauri


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